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You may have downloaded something from the p2p networks using µTorrent or Bittorrent. It may be annoying for some of us to sacrifice their bandwidth for the sake of others. Even thought this post is has a selfish tone, I’m going forward with it!

To completely disable seeding in µTorrent, do the following:

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The best windows software

Best softwares

‘Between’ is a mobile service(iphone, androidphone) that provides a private online place where couples can communicate and share their precious moments.
With this app, you can build a 1:1 archive that includes chat history, photo albums and customized message board with your partner.


This is available for download for android and iOS platforms.

Download for android

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Its the best place for lovers!!!

Intro (You can skip this part if you prefer so)

Social networking has always fascinated the world, especially the cyber world. Bu there was always been some bounds between the web and the social networks. They were the opposite vertices of a kite. But that’s another story and I don’t want to bring it up here!

People view both through different angles. No browser, not even chrome has completely succeeded in them together. Some add-ons tried their best, but people did not find them trustworthy.

This is where our hero comes to the rescue. Marc Anderson, the creator of Netscape navigator, the ‘chromium’ of 80’s and 90’s come up with his latest creation- Rockmelt.

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