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Social networking has always fascinated the world, especially the cyber world. Bu there was always been some bounds between the web and the social networks. They were the opposite vertices of a kite. But that’s another story and I don’t want to bring it up here!

People view both through different angles. No browser, not even chrome has completely succeeded in them together. Some add-ons tried their best, but people did not find them trustworthy.

This is where our hero comes to the rescue. Marc Anderson, the creator of Netscape navigator, the ‘chromium’ of 80’s and 90’s come up with his latest creation- Rockmelt.

This’s the interesting part:

Rockmelt is an advanced browser, chromium powered and facebook boosted. As there’s a lot of chrome in it, any chrome user who’s a facebook addict will stick to it quickly. Its legal integration with fb makes it more awe…some.

Here are just a few reasons why you’ll love RockMelt:
    » Built-in chat so you can stay in touch with friends from any website
» Share button lets you quickly update your status, tweet links, and post on walls
» Social Reading helps you discover the hottest news from friends
» Instant news from your favourite sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and more
» Automatic sync so you can access the latest news and bookmarks from anywhere

Let me conclude that this browser will be awesome for anyone who’s a facebook user. But who’s not a facebook addict now! The beta version is latest version, so who knows what Marc has got with his fb powered browser…..It’s not just a browser, it’s a WOWser.