You may be thinking of the picture shown here of fb. Its not Photoshop edited or edited by any other photo editing software. Its created by modifying the web site itself. But its only temporary and hence its not hacking. (It’ll change back after refreshing the web page).




I’ll be teaching you how to edit any web site like this in this post. Doubts can be posted as comments and will be replied by me(trust me).

Step 1.1

Open any website in chrome. In this case Google.

Right click on the text that you want to change.

[Note: All the letters that appear in the web page may not be editable, because they may be pictures or script generated). Majority of them is editable if you know the basics of HTML.]

Select inspect element





Step 2.


The line of code indicating the text that you right clicked will be highlighted in blue in the newly formed window.

Select edit text by right clicking the suitable line of code.

Now edit it and press enter or click any empty area in the web page. Now the web page will be edited.




3As I said, this change is only temporary and will only last till the next refresh of the page. So press the print screen and save the screen shot of the edited Google of ours. Upload it to fb and it’ll be filled with likes if you have some imagination.






How is this new trick, does it work for you? Let me know via your comments! Don’t forget to comment….!