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CaptureMicrosoft Talk IT! is an awesome application that talks back the words that you type in. Its also enriched with many features and sound effects. You can make your pc talk like an old man, nerd, Martian robot and the list goes on like this.

Download the free application


I’ve been doing some research on increasing the download speed, different protocols…and blah blah blah stuff.

And I finally found a way to increase the download speed.  You may be familiar with a software called IDM[internet download manger], i have posted about its latest version including a safe crack.

Dont think that this post is just about using IDM and ‘turbo boost your download like all the other blogs say. There is nothing called free lunch.

But the trick is easy.

  • Just download IDM [ in here!!].IDM
  • Install it, its pretty easy.
  • Restart the computer, install the crack or patch whatever you like to call it 😉 .
  • This is the important and interesting part!
  • Open internet download manger, goto Downloads –> Options –> Connection
  • Now, change the max no. of connections from 8 [usually its 8] to 16.
  • If your connection supports[ it most probably does!], your download speed will be Up….Up…and AWAY!!


New FaceBook SmileysSmileys are great for expressing your mood where words fail to do their job, moreover its a lot of fun to use these smileys and impress your friends or start off a chat with some girl who is just a Facebook friend !!!

I’ve tested all these smileys they’ll surely impress all your buddies.

How to use these Smileys:

Just copy and paste the code in your Facebook chat box and press enter. Your smiley will be displayed. Simple!


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If you have any complaints, errors or new smileys or just anything be free to comment……..[ you Dont want any membership to comment, just type in your name!]

Java logo

Java mobiles once ruled the mobile kingdom before the era of android. They were known for their simplicity, app support and virus free environment.

But as the android market raised they lost their power, but still now many wise people use these java supported phones because they’re less costly and they’re worth more than their price.

So I’m providing you guys with all the best apps that I’ve encountered. Continue reading


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Download the best archive software for windows platform:

Internet Download Manager has been the the best Download Manger since decades and it still is. Here is the latest edition with a lot of bud fixes and advanced integration to file sharing sites.

Download the complete file including idm installation file from here:

Download the crack only file form here: