I’ve been doing some research on increasing the download speed, different protocols…and blah blah blah stuff.

And I finally found a way to increase the download speed.  You may be familiar with a software called IDM[internet download manger], i have posted about its latest version including a safe crack.

Dont think that this post is just about using IDM and ‘turbo boost your download like all the other blogs say. There is nothing called free lunch.

But the trick is easy.

  • Just download IDM [ in here!!].IDM
  • Install it, its pretty easy.
  • Restart the computer, install the crack or patch whatever you like to call it 😉 .
  • This is the important and interesting part!
  • Open internet download manger, goto Downloads –> Options –> Connection
  • Now, change the max no. of connections from 8 [usually its 8] to 16.
  • If your connection supports[ it most probably does!], your download speed will be Up….Up…and AWAY!!