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How to Get YouTube’s New Experimental Redesigned Page

YouTube has always been the best place for viewing your online videos, sharing with your family’s and friends is lot easier with their easy and fast uploading options. Google has started giving redesigns to their all online services and hence YouTube was redesigned earlier and still its designing process is going on. Now google has posted on their blog about this thing so we found out that by just using some cookie trick you can currently use the new experimental YouTube design.

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We have posted many Facebook pranks and tricks in here. Hope you have made use of it and impressed your friends. Check out all of those tricks here.

And today we’ve another awesome trick which works in Facebook chat. I call it Colored Letters tricks. Anyway its way too cool. Look at the pic where I’ve typed Crazy about Computerz….

To use this trick just copy the following codes accordingly.

[[107015582669715]] = A[[116067591741123]] = B

[[115602405121532]] = C

[[112542438763744]] = D

[[115430438474268]] = E

[[109225112442557]] = F

[[111532845537326]] = G

[[111356865552629]] = H

[[109294689102123]] = I

[[126362660720793]] = J

[[116651741681944]] = K

[[115807951764667]] = L

[[106596672714242]] = M

[[108634132504932]] = N[[116564658357124]] = O

[[111669128857397]] = P

[[107061805996548]] = Q

[[106699962703083]] = R

[[115927268419031]] = S

[[112669162092780]] = T

[[108983579135532]] = U

[[107023745999320]] = V

[[106678406038354]] = W

[[116740548336581]] = X

[[112416755444217]] = Y

[[165724910215]]   = Z

For example, if you wanna type BOSS, just use

[[116067591741123]] [[116564658357124]]  [[115927268419031]] [[115927268419031]]

Let me know if it worked for you via comments. If you enjoyed its worth clicking the like button in the Facebook widget in the right side of this page. Enjoy 🙂

And one more final thought: