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Happy anniversary…

Today is the anniversary of this blog……


You may not have seen many posts recently… Yes I was  a little lazy all these days, moreover I didn't get the perfect stuff to satisfy your cyber mind’s content…

And now I’ve got some real good stuff for you.

Presenting the all new sms platform and a trendsetter in the field of sms – ULTOOUltoo

Oops……you may be wondering what’s special with that, it’s just another free sms provider which lets you send sms to any no. from the internet free of charge…..

But the Easter egg is that it  Ultoo gives you a free recharge for sending free sms from the web.

NB: don’t get disappointed by these facts, read further, there are some cheats to make more money.

You’ll get,

  • 2 paisa per sms, you can send 50 sms in day and that spells 1 maximum rupee in a day.
  • 1 rupee for inviting a friend
  • Surprise gifts by participating in polls.
  • 2 rupee upon registration

You can redeem the money to your mobile balance when you reach 10 rupees…

There are some tricks to cheat ULTOO…..

Here’s the trick

Use the online multi-sender website


Use this site to send sms to multiple numbers.

Just type in the login details and also the mobile numbers that you want to send the sms to. Separate the mobile numbers with a comma (,). Eg:


Feel free to enquire, criticize and comment.