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Latest ultoo userscript for ultoo poll ad quiz has released.

Userscripts are run from your PC net browsers by installing extension in them.

For chrome you should install Tampermonkey and for Firefox Greasemonkey.

Then download the userscript

Install it form the respective browser.

The extension window will open and ask you to install the userscript.

Open ultoo, goto quiz or poll, the userscript will automatically do its job.

There is some trouble for quiz, but the poll works fine.


I’ve already published Ultoo 3 in 1 app for PC users. Due to your constant requests, I’m hereby providing you Ultoo app for android phones.

  • First you have to install Netmite (which is a j2me runner–runs java apps in other platforms–)
  • Now download Ultoo 3in1 cracked apk
  • When asked for registration number enter any 10 digit number.

I guess for almost all android phones the app will come inside the Netmite (J2me runner).

You can also use this android app in PC with Bluestacks (the android app runner for PC)

Comments are always welcome……

Quiz not working now in apps, so for the time being you can use the latest userscript for Ultoo poll and quiz.

Working Ultoo 3in1 cracked app

Finally after a long time, I’m giving the ultoo 3in1 working app. Since sumit released the app new server modifications are done. And recently some one put a code activation in it. I am giving the cracked version which doesn’t require the code.


This app is currently working only in PC. You need Midpx (Midp2) emulator. The app will only work in this emulator and not in any other emulator like Kemulator or microemu. Download it from here and install

Now download ultoo 3in

Extract it to a separate folder and open the UL23in1 file and do the usual stuff (like entering username password etc).