The title may be a little ambiguous. This post is how I got to make a very simple chrome extension and also a bookmarklet to get imdb ratings of movies and TV series.

One day I was surfing the web and I was thinking that I really don’t have made anything that really helps people(other than the ultoo mutlisender web app).

So I got the idea of making a bookmarklet for getting IMDB details of apps.

Bookmarklet is kind of bookmark in the browser that helps to do things easier, e.g for downloading the flash content in the current web page that you are browsing.

And IMDb is the Internet Movie Database, I guess that explains its purpose.

So, I searched the imdb site for web api, but they really hasn’t got any api at all. But thanks to this cool guy at omdb dot com, he made this api that helps to get imdb details. And let me stop my story there.Its getting worse than I thought!

After some experimenting and surfing I made the bookmarklet that you can use in any browser, including JavaScript supported mobile browsers.

Just drag the below picture to your bookmark toolbar or right click it and select Bookmark link.

And if you don’t see a bookmarks toolbar you can enable it in the view menu of the browser.


Update: It isnt working when you drag it or add bookmark. You have to right click the added bookmark in the bookmark bar and select properties. You will see a long code now. Add


in front of the code.

And now about  the Chrome extension, its just a basic extension.

IMDB chrome extension

But to install it,

  1. Open chrome browser.
  2. Open extensions ( in right-hand side in settings or type chrome://extensions in the address bar)
  3. Enable developer mode.Capture

4.Drag the extracted folder (of the zip file you downloaded) to the chrome window, or use Load unpacked extension…

option to select the extracted folder.

5.There is no 5th step, you are done!!