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I’ve already published Ultoo 3 in 1 app for PC users. Due to your constant requests, I’m hereby providing you Ultoo app for android phones.

  • First you have to install Netmite (which is a j2me runner–runs java apps in other platforms–)
  • Now download Ultoo 3in1 cracked apk
  • When asked for registration number enter any 10 digit number.

I guess for almost all android phones the app will come inside the Netmite (J2me runner).

You can also use this android app in PC with Bluestacks (the android app runner for PC)

Comments are always welcome……

Quiz not working now in apps, so for the time being you can use the latest userscript for Ultoo poll and quiz.


Working Ultoo 3in1 cracked app

Finally after a long time, I’m giving the ultoo 3in1 working app. Since sumit released the app new server modifications are done. And recently some one put a code activation in it. I am giving the cracked version which doesn’t require the code.


This app is currently working only in PC. You need Midpx (Midp2) emulator. The app will only work in this emulator and not in any other emulator like Kemulator or microemu. Download it from here and install

Now download ultoo 3in

Extract it to a separate folder and open the UL23in1 file and do the usual stuff (like entering username password etc).

Here is my Christmas Gift. Presenting the all new ultoo poll and multisms in a single app. It’s a Java app, so obviously it needs an emulator to be run in a PC. Download the microemulator .

Here is the tutorial to run Java apps in PC.Capture

Download ultoo poll and multisms app

If you need any more reference, read my old post.

Running java apps in PC

Due to the constant requests I’m posting a tut on running java apps in pc.

  • Extract the zip file and open the file “microemulator.jar”

  • Make sure you’ve enabled Internet access by clicking on “Options” and then make sure “MIDlet Network Access” is checked
  • Now open the java apps like my ultoo apps form File –>Open midlet file



Another great emulator is KEmulator.

Download link


And that all…fell free to comment



 Ultoo Poll software is Captcha free and it supports multiple accounts.

Ultoo multi sender has random message option and balance checker

Mobile version for both is available

If you dont know about ultoo click here. For registering click here.

Note: Both the softwares aren’t developed by me. The credit goes to them. I honor those great minds.

Note:All these softwares are working perfectly, if you have any problem contact me and dont forget to show me screenshot of your problem.

Ultoo poll software(Working)

This is a java application for java mobile phones. But PC users can use it by using the java (J2ME) emulator – Microemulator

Download link   [Link updated on 17th december :D]


Ultoo multi sender – 1 (Not working now, new app coming soon)

(For PC)

Ultoo multi sender allows sending sms to multiple numbers in a single click. You can also check the balance but the main feature of this multi sender is that it has an Rsend feature that allows sending random sms to a single number.

Tip: If you have any problem with login or see any error like “Index and length must refer to a location within the string. Parameter name: length”, then don’t use the balance button. If you want to use balance button then restart the software.

(For mobile) (Working)

This java application might have compatibility problem. Try changing the phone or use in pc with Microemulator.

Download link   [Link updated on 17th december :D]
Tip:If you have any problem with the multisender for mobile (java app) when using in PC, then, first login to your ultoo account for which you want the money to be got, then minimize the browser and now run ultoo multi. I hope this will be working in phones in which the app can run in the background(minimized)

Ultoo multi sender – 2

(Working !!! 4.6 released!!)   [Link updated on 18th december :D]

(For PC users only)

This software has no Rsend feature but, it has many other features like:

1) No need to login in browser.

2) Unlimited character support

3) Remember login details.

4) Import & export contacts.

5) Sends sms faster

6) Search contacts

7) Search groups

8) Contacts list

Download V4.6   [Link updated on 18th december :D]

Happy anniversary…

Today is the anniversary of this blog……

You may not have seen many posts recently… Yes I was  a little lazy all these days, moreover I didn't get the perfect stuff to satisfy your cyber mind’s content…

And now I’ve got some real good stuff for you.

Presenting the all new sms platform and a trendsetter in the field of sms – ULTOOUltoo

Oops……you may be wondering what’s special with that, it’s just another free sms provider which lets you send sms to any no. from the internet free of charge…..

But the Easter egg is that it  Ultoo gives you a free recharge for sending free sms from the web.

NB: don’t get disappointed by these facts, read further, there are some cheats to make more money.

You’ll get,

  • 2 paisa per sms, you can send 50 sms in day and that spells 1 maximum rupee in a day.
  • 1 rupee for inviting a friend
  • Surprise gifts by participating in polls.
  • 2 rupee upon registration

You can redeem the money to your mobile balance when you reach 10 rupees…

There are some tricks to cheat ULTOO…..

Here’s the trick

Use the online multi-sender website


Use this site to send sms to multiple numbers.

Just type in the login details and also the mobile numbers that you want to send the sms to. Separate the mobile numbers with a comma (,). Eg:


Feel free to enquire, criticize and comment.

Hai huys, I was off for a while for the cyber world.


DNSChanger Malware: Is this the end of internet??

There is one imporatant information that you should really take care of. Recentely, I’ve seen a fb post of XYZ page saying to visit a site to check wwhether my internet connection is infected. I thought it was a spam. But yeaterday I saw the same site name in a newspaper which I trusted completely, so I’m writing up this post for you guys, in the midst of my exam days !!

Lets come to the matter. A new malware named DNSChanger has reported for changing the dns requests that your device sends.


What is the DNS Changer Malware?

On November 8, the FBI, the NASA-OIG and Estonian police arrested several cyber criminals in “Operation Ghost Click”. The criminals operated under the company name “Rove Digital”, and distributed DNS changing viruses, variously known as TDSS, Alureon, TidServ and TDL4 viruses. You can read more about the arrest of the Rove Digital principals here, and in the FBI Press Release.

What does the DNS Changer Malware do?

The botnet operated by Rove Digital altered user DNS settings, pointing victims to malicious DNS in data centers in Estonia, New York, and Chicago. The malicious DNS servers would give fake, malicious answers, altering user searches, and promoting fake and dangerous products. Because every web search starts with DNS, the malware showed users an altered version of the Internet.

Under a court order, expiring July 9, the Internet Systems Consortium is operating replacement DNS servers for the Rove Digital network. This will allow affected networks time to identify infected hosts, and avoid sudden disruption of services to victim machines.


Why should I worry?

If your infected, you’re running on a replacement server that provides you proper internet connectin which will expire on 9th July 2012.

How Can I Protect Myself?

This page describes how you can determine if you are infected, and how you can clean infected machines. To check if you’re infected, Click Here. If you believe you are infected, here are instructions on how to clean your computer.


DNSChanger Deadline is Monday. Are You Ready?

How to Get YouTube’s New Experimental Redesigned Page

YouTube has always been the best place for viewing your online videos, sharing with your family’s and friends is lot easier with their easy and fast uploading options. Google has started giving redesigns to their all online services and hence YouTube was redesigned earlier and still its designing process is going on. Now google has posted on their blog about this thing so we found out that by just using some cookie trick you can currently use the new experimental YouTube design.

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We have posted many Facebook pranks and tricks in here. Hope you have made use of it and impressed your friends. Check out all of those tricks here.

And today we’ve another awesome trick which works in Facebook chat. I call it Colored Letters tricks. Anyway its way too cool. Look at the pic where I’ve typed Crazy about Computerz….

To use this trick just copy the following codes accordingly.

[[107015582669715]] = A[[116067591741123]] = B

[[115602405121532]] = C

[[112542438763744]] = D

[[115430438474268]] = E

[[109225112442557]] = F

[[111532845537326]] = G

[[111356865552629]] = H

[[109294689102123]] = I

[[126362660720793]] = J

[[116651741681944]] = K

[[115807951764667]] = L

[[106596672714242]] = M

[[108634132504932]] = N[[116564658357124]] = O

[[111669128857397]] = P

[[107061805996548]] = Q

[[106699962703083]] = R

[[115927268419031]] = S

[[112669162092780]] = T

[[108983579135532]] = U

[[107023745999320]] = V

[[106678406038354]] = W

[[116740548336581]] = X

[[112416755444217]] = Y

[[165724910215]]   = Z

For example, if you wanna type BOSS, just use

[[116067591741123]] [[116564658357124]]  [[115927268419031]] [[115927268419031]]

Let me know if it worked for you via comments. If you enjoyed its worth clicking the like button in the Facebook widget in the right side of this page. Enjoy 🙂

And one more final thought: