The cyber world is full of threats and spam. Here is some basic survival tips.

Facebook security — all about Facebook virus— Threat research

Part 1

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The best antivirus in my presonnel experience are the following:

Avast has a good user interface and also good tools for working in the internet.

Bit defender lacks in a good user interface(I’m not talking about the graphics), but defenitly it have a good virus database and so, it is detecting a lot of threats, including online threats.

I’m gonna tel you a secret, pls dont tell anyone!

6 month license for  Bitdefender can be got from its fb page.(like it first)

Avast Internet security key is spreading like a wildfire, one coming soon….

Eset have everything pitch perfect, but their keys are really hard to get and also the cracks may hang your pc. Therefore eset got ranked 3rd although it have the best virus db, user interface and even tools.